The University Avenue Association works hard to advocate on behalf of local merchants and neighbors of University Avenue. Below are just some of our accomplishments over the years.


Sponsored the Berkeley International Food Festival promoting University Avenue and San Pablo as a unique destination for ethnic groceries and restaurants.

The UAA and AC transit engaged in fruitful discussion;  resulting in an  improved transit time for the 51b bus with minimal impacts on merchants, other institutions and the neighbors on the Avenue. ( May 7, 2014)

Placement of Diwali (Indian New Year) lights in the median, from 6th to San Pablo.

Participation in the University Avenue Strategic Plan process and later advocating for its implementation through zoning changes. We lobbied for quality retail spaces, set-backs on the residential side of projects fifth floor setbacks, and on site parking.  The UAA got a new zoning rule requiring an average two foot ground floor setback on the University Ave.

Secured facade grants from the City of Berkeley so that storefronts could be improved.

Campaigned for planting the median.  Supported the bond issue to acquire financing and lobbied for a median designed that focused on trees and low level ground cover.

Worked to make sure that new development adds to the quality of life for people living along University Avenue  (see New Projects page).

Sponsored  the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade and festival - a community event initiated by University Avenue merchant John Solomon that celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Berkeley (1996).

Successfully opposed the Salt Water Pipeline Project on University Ave. It would have run a saltwater pipeline up University Avenue.  This was an ineffective fire-fighting tool,  an expensive boondoggle that would have cost the city millions of dollars, and shuttered many businesses.

Sponsored a seminar on counterfeit notes, forged checks and altered credit cards with the U.S. Secret Service and the Berkeley Police Department (1999).

Worked with the BPD to add bicycle police officers to the Avenue and have them discuss crime trends with merchants.

Worked with the City to install left-hand turn signals at 6th and University.

Worked closely with the City Forestry Department and merchants to get new sidewalk trees planted on University Ave.

Established the Community Service Award.

Installed 56 new garbage cans along the Avenue.

Initiated the city program to wash the trees on the Avenue to reduce aphid drippings on sidewalks.