AC Transit has proposed numerous changes to its 51 bus line along University Avenue. One major change would be to restrict parking on parts of University from 4-7pm on weekdays. The UAA has been actively working with stakeholders to make sure the proposed changes make sense for our local merchants.


The University Avenue Association (UAA) appreciates the time AC Transit staff has spent contacting merchants and neighbors about the proposed changes to the 51 bus line. UAA supports the improved timing of the traffic signals and the bus "Q jumps." However, UAA has strong objections to removal of any parking both in the morning or afternoon/evening. In addition, UAA opposes creation of a new right-hand turn lane unless it is for a bus stop or "Q jump" without the loss of parking.

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Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

The City of Berkeley’s Labor Commission has been investigating raising the local minimum wage. The current minimum wage could be pushed up by more than $2 per hour - what are your thoughts? The Chamber of Commerce has been reaching out to local business owners to get a sense of how this will affect the bottom line.


The University Avenue Association (UAA) opposes the proposed Berkeley minimum wage ordinance. We believe an increase to the minimum wage should be at the state and/or federal government level. California has already passed a two-step minimum wage increase to start this year. Setting a minimum wage specific to Berkeley will hurt local businesses.

Minimum Wage Ordinance-

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