Transportation: AC Transit and the 51 Bus Line

AC Transit has proposed numerous changes to its 51 bus line along University Avenue. One major change would be to restrict parking on parts of Univivery Avenue from 4-7pm on weekdays. The UAA has been actively working with stakeholders to make sure the proposed changes make sense for our local merchants.


I want to update you on the AC Transit 51A & B project.

  • AC Transit  will not be taking  away peak hour parking for AM/PM. 
  • No parking loss do to " Right turn lane or Q-Jump lane".
  • There will be no widening of University Ave. to put in right turn only lane.
  • The Bus stops at Grant/University Ave. and Sacramento/University Ave. going West bound will remain where they are.
  • The McGee bus stop will be removed as listed in project.
  • Many of the non intrusive parts of project like upgrading of signals, signal coordination and "Q" jump which allows buses to get in front of traffic  has been approved.

I want to thank University Board of officers and Directors and  merchants, AC Transit and City of Berkeley Planning Commision and Mayor/Council for working on achieving a better project

May 7, 2014

New Projects on University Avenue

There are some interesting developments in the works. In West Berkeley, the 800 University project has been approved by the City and would add housing, commercial and office space at the foot of the Avenue. Three projects are proposed on the block between McGee and Milvia: one at the existing Firestone Tires site, one between Travelodge and Nation’s, and one at McGee. Together, these developments would add vibrancy in the form of new residents and revitalized streetscape.


City of Berkeley council voted to increase the minimum wage to $10.75/ Hr in 2016 and will appoint a task force to investigate what should be done beyond 2016.  For full story visit Berkelley Side. May 7, 2014.