There are some interesting developments in the works. In West Berkeley, the 800 University project has been approved by the City and would add housing, commercial and office space at the foot of the Avenue. Three projects are proposed on the block between McGee and Milvia: one at the existing Firestone Tires site, one between Travelodge and Nation’s, and one at. Together, these developments would add vibrancy in the form of new residents and revitalized streetscape.

The building of new mixed-use projects was slowed by the recession. Now several dormant project have come back to life, some with new owners. New projects are winding their way through the permitting process. The University Avenue Associations supports density and increased retail opportunities. We also want to help make these projects work for the Avenue and the neighborhoods. Quality retail space that is attractive to potential tenants is important. Narrow sidewalks are a problem on the Avenue and new zoning code requires an average two foot setback on the ground floor. Set-backs, especially the 5th floor help mitigate impacts on the residual neighbors behind projects.

1698 University Avenue  clears Zoning. July 2014. Project detail: 5-story building approved, again, on University Avenue

1812-1814 University Ave , June 2014